Organizing for Efficiency

To help make my time in the kitchen as efficient and easy as possible – I keep things where I’ll use them, put them into containers that are easy to use, and label everything in ways that I can easily choose what I need. My tea collection – like many who like variety in our […]

Organizing for Quick Meals

To help me stay on plan – I need things quick and easy.  So here is what I keep on hand – prepped and ready for quickly throwing together into a meal or snack. I find it easier to choose my veggies when they are ready to go–so I prep them ahead of time (or […]

Chinese Brown Sauce (THM FP)

This versatile sauce is GREAT over Egg Foo Yung (THM S) – I also enjoy it mixed with whatever leftover meat I have, broccoli, and mushrooms or over any stir fry–SO TASTY!! Chinese Brown Sauce (THM FP) 1 C water 2 tsp chicken bouillion (could use any other flavor) 1-2 tsp Bragg’s Aminos 1-2 tsp […]