Water – How much is enough?

How much water should you be drinking daily? The easiest answer is to drink enough so that your urine is clear to a very light yellow.  The darker the yellow, the more water you need to be drinking. So – how much water do you need to drink?  That will be different for everyone – […]

Healthy Habit Hints – Daily Do List

Developing My Daily Do-list – the Power of Healthy Habits Here’s what has worked for me and I think they’ll work for you too. Hints for Healthy Habits Choose just 1 or 2 behaviors to start with–at least one should be ‘easy’ so that you remind yourself that you can succeed in choosing health. Identify […]

Losing over 100 lbs from high of 330+

My highest weight was somewhere over 330 lbs—apparently that was my “can’t know if I’m more than this” threshold.  At that point all of my clothes were stretchy and quite stretched-a tight 4x (and yes–I did have a few 5x in my closet). I started gaining weight when I was about 7 or so–and steadily […]