Food Storage without Spending a Fortune – Vernal Prep Expo

Here is the quick ppt that I put together for this session – and the links to get the details for the information shared.  Enjoy! Food Storage Presentation Vernal Prep Expo – here is the powerpoint saved as a pdf for easier access Here are the links I referred to during class–most topics are obvious by […]

Where I get my supplies/ingredients – Stores

I live in a rural area–so within 30 or so minutes I have a Smiths, Wal-Mart, and Associated Food stores–from these I can get some basics.  When I need anything else – I buy it online or put it on the list to buy next time I’m in ‘the big city’–which for me is Salt […]

Organizing for Quick Meals

To help me stay on plan – I need things quick and easy.  So here is what I keep on hand – prepped and ready for quickly throwing together into a meal or snack. I find it easier to choose my veggies when they are ready to go–so I prep them ahead of time (or […]

Reuse Repurpose – Vernal Prep Expo Presentation

ReUse & Repurpose – My presentation for the Vernal Preparedness Expo January 2017 & 2018.  I’m including my slides and links below–will break many of these into their own pages and shorten the links here–but wanted to at least get these here now. […]