Daikon Radish – How to Prepare and Use

A new veggie to me during this weight loss journey is the Daikon Radish–most easily found at Asian markets or in the ‘specialty veggie’ section of some grocery stores (Winco usually has them).  I had read that some folks like to use them for a potato substitute–so I tried it in a few things and […]

Grains – Varieties

For years I had read about the health benefits of soaking/sprouting different grains–for some it’s to reduce phytates, for others its to increase their bio-availability and help reduce their impact on your glycemic load.  It all made sense – but I rarely remembered to soak or sprout when preparing grains I would use when I […]

Where I get my supplies/ingredients – Stores

I live in a rural area–so within 30 or so minutes I have a Smiths, Wal-Mart, and Associated Food stores–from these I can get some basics.  When I need anything else – I buy it online or put it on the list to buy next time I’m in ‘the big city’–which for me is Salt […]