Where I get my supplies/ingredients – Stores

I live in a rural area–so within 30 or so minutes I have a Smiths, Wal-Mart, and Associated Food stores–from these I can get some basics.  When I need anything else – I buy it online or put it on the list to buy next time I’m in ‘the big city’–which for me is Salt Lake City.  So – here’s what I get from where…

Wal-Mart –

Pyure – that is my sweetener of choice–I get the 1 lb bag for around $7–it is a mix of Erythritol and Stevia

TrueLemon/TrueLime drink mixes–these are $1.97/box of 10 – found in the same area as Crystal Light.  I usually get the Peach Lemonade, Watermelon Limeade, and Black Cherry Limeade.  The packets of just Lemon or Lime are found on the top shelf by the sugars in the baking aisle (I buy these in boxes of 500 now from the website–since I use them A LOT).

Wal-Mart or Smiths – depending on sales and condition of produce (Smiths has better produce out here–if the farmer’s markets are running–I get what I can there first–and sometimes do Bountiful Baskets as well)  Frozen Okra is usually always at Smiths and I like theirs better than the ones at Wal-Mart.

Veggies/Fruits/Meats/Yogurt/Eggs  (I pretty much stick with the outer edges of the stores now)


In Salt Lake City (our closest ‘big city’)

NPS – LOVE THIS STORE!!  it is for those of us who are, shall we say, ‘flexible’ with expiration dates–it is on Industrial and about 1500 South (between Redwood and 215).  They will often have produce that doesn’t look so good–but that is still quite edible–get a lot of jicama, zucchini, and ginger here.  They will sometimes have the Oikos 000 yogurts in their freezer section at 4/$1.00–and since they freeze so well – we stock up when they have those–you don’t get a choice of flavors–but at that price – I’m OK with that.  Lately they’ve also had the Oikos Yogurt Smoothies.  You can find good tomato sauces, broths–and this is where I once found THM Stevia.  Lately they’ve also had some Spry products (Xylitol gums and mints–in the dental care area) So it’s a fun store to hunt through–if you like that kind of thing like I do.

Deseret Industries – here is where I get extra measuring cups and spoons to help make me more efficient.  I also feel like I am ‘renting’ my clothes–since I’m not in any size right now for more than a few months–I just get my clothes here–and then when I’m down to the next size–they get the bigger ones back.

Winco – LOVE their bulk section – I get: Coconut flour, Almond Flour/meal, Xantham gum (with the spices), Nutritional Yeast, spices/herbs, unsweetened coconut, almond butter (from the machine that makes it from just almonds), Parm/Romano cheese (SO GOOD), wild rice (favorite is the black forbidden rice–turns purple when I cook it–so fun), also lately have been having their multi-grain that is rolled like oatmeal–but with 5 or 6 grains in it–so tasty!  We will also stock up here before heading back home on fruits/veggies that we didn’t get at Costco–I usually get daikon radishes here if we aren’t stopping at an Asian store.  This is where I also got my gallon of Bragg’s Aminos–right under their almond butter machine.  They also have the Jack Spratt bread which is delicious and on plan (though it doesn’t freeze as nicely as the one from Trader Joe’s)

Costco – Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, Coconut oil–I get both the regular virgin and the refined, Laughing Cow Cheese,Vanilla.  If we lived closer we would also get frozen meats, chicken, fish, and cheese here.  I also get the Kirkland Protein Bars (a box of 18?) – they are a ‘personal choice’ item on plan–and I carry them in my purse and cars at all times for those times when I haven’t planned well or get delayed.

From Asian stores in SLC (Ocean Mart on 90th south or the one on state and about 30th south?? on the west side of the street in a Chinese shopping complex) – Shiritaki noodles (in the fridge section – bottom shelf), baby bok choi, napa cabbage, daikon radish, bean sprouts, tumeric, ginger (whole), fun extracts (best ones seem to be from the phillipines or thailand), chana dal (the lowest glycemic impact lentils–were on the bottom shelf).

Sprouts – Whey Isolate Protein powder (unflavored)–watch for their sales–I just got a ton a while ago because it was on sale for $7/lb in their bulk section–fabulous price – no flavor – just the protein–it’s my favorite.  Their normal price of around $14/lb is still cheaper than many of the Whey isolate protein powders out there that have fillers and off plan things in them.

Whole Foods – Things here are often way more expensive for the same items elsewhere…  So I get sprouted wheat flour here (though now I do it through Wal-Mart prime pantry and it’s WAY cheaper).  And – about 3 times a year they have a great sale on Lily’s chocolate bars – 2 for $5 – and when you buy a case of 12 of the same kind it’s an additional 10% off–so $2.25/bar. Last year the next sale like that was in December and April–so watch for it – and get a case or two if you can.

Trader Joes – I LOVE the Pumpkin Spice Rooibos tea that they sell in November–and their regular Rooibos teas that they sell year-round.  Other than that–they have a nice Sprouted Wheat bread that is on plan.  I also get their Mayo, jicama sticks (so I can munch on them in the car if I didn’t prep any ahead of time), and other veggies to much on.  For locals – they have fun meats and cheeses and veggie mixes that can add variety to your meals. 


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