Protein Comparisons Chart

Several years ago I decided to do a comparison of different protein sources – back when I was counting every calorie that went into my body.  I was also looking at the macros (fat, carb, protein) and came up with a list of the protein sources with the highest amount of protein for the lowest amounts of calories (that is the order by which I sorted my list).  So – I built this excel,  printed it, highlighted it with the foods we chose most often, and hung it on my fridge (it’s still there today).

Since every meal and snack in THM is built around protein I thought this might be helpful to you too.  It reminds me of the many choices that I have – when I seem to be stuck in a protein rut and quickly reminds me of the lean or not so lean choices that I have when building my meals/snacks.  If you want a copy of the excel–so you can add or subtract from it for your own use–you can send me an email with your email and I’ll send it to you in excel format.

Here it is – saved in a pdf for you – sorted by the highest ratio of protein to calories: Protein comparison

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