Grains – Varieties

For years I had read about the health benefits of soaking/sprouting different grains–for some it’s to reduce phytates, for others its to increase their bio-availability and help reduce their impact on your glycemic load.  It all made sense – but I rarely remembered to soak or sprout when preparing grains I would use when I […]

Chinese Brown Sauce (THM FP)

This versatile sauce is GREAT over Egg Foo Yung (THM S) – I also enjoy it mixed with whatever leftover meat I have, broccoli, and mushrooms or over any stir fry–SO TASTY!! Chinese Brown Sauce (THM FP) 1 C water 2 tsp chicken bouillion (could use any other flavor) 1-2 tsp Bragg’s Aminos 1-2 tsp […]

Southern Smothering Sauce – Mustard Based BBQ – THM FP

My dear hubby is from AL – which means he prefers mustard based BBQ sauces–which are not easy to find here in the mountain west – and definitely a challenge to find a good recipe that is sugar free and THM friendly.  So – I decided to create it myself–based on the flavors that he […]

Homemade Ginger Juice

Every day I drink at least one GGMS (Good Girl Moonshine) and one of the consistent ingredients in mine is homemade ginger juice.  I also enjoy using it as an ingredient in smoothies for some spicy heat and in chinese dishes–it’s great in “Egg Roll in a Bowl”. Here is how I make mine: I […]