Empowering Passwords

I work on computers–all day and have to enter a password for most programs/sites that I access–I’m sure many of you do too.  I had always chosen passwords based on upcoming holidays or Disney related things–until I decided about a year or so ago to make my passwords empowering phrases–it has been a very positive change in my day to day.  It’s just a little thing–but it reminds me multiple times a day of whatever goal I’ve chosen to focus on for that month.

When I build a new password – I try to do about 10-15 characters – and use all the things you are supposed to – a capitalized letter, special characters, numbers, etc.  And now it’s kind of a game to come up with one that is not too hard to type but that reinforces the goals that I have right now and that I can easily modify so that they aren’t all the same for all of my programs.

Examples could be – ExcelInto17!  Ican2this!  ChooseGood4Me!

Try it – it will make a difference and add a bit of positive fun to your day.  🙂

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