Powerfully Positive Words

I’m back–what a full summer that was!

Last week I was blessed to attend a 3 day seminar that focused on improving my thoughts to improve my results.  One of my favorite exercises that he had us do was to take a blank sheet of paper and write down 20 words that would describe us.

(Go ahead – I’ll wait – go get yourself a blank sheet of paper and write down the first 20 words that describe you–be honest–make note of any negative words that come first to you on another sheet of paper so you can work on replacing those with positive ones later – this list is for those powerfully positive words–those things that are the best things about you.)

When we were done–he had us, for good measure, go ahead and continue our lists until they had at least 40 words on them.  We were allowed to look at our neighbors sheets–which we did–it was SO fun to share our best words with our friends and we actually kept thinking of more words we could use for the rest of the day.  And then I continued with it once I got home–and my list is now over 200 words to choose from 🙂

Since we are not in the same room–I will share my list here: My I Am Words  You’ll notice this list has “I Am … words as well as I Am A/An … words–most of which can be changed grammatically to suit your purposes.

So – from our lists he then had us circle 7 words for our power statement–one that we will write down and keep in the forefront of our minds to help us when our brains are trying to go to negative places – empowering words that can help us keep our goals and dreams in the forefronts of our minds.  From those 7 words make an empowering sentence–mine is “I create ongoing learning and thoughtfully take action to build my dreams with determination!”

My challenge to you is to choose your own powerfully positive words, put them together in a fun sentence and put it somewhere you will see it often (mine is on my bathroom mirror).  Feel free to share yours in the comments–we can all help each other to speak and think more positively about each other and ourselves!


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