Organizing for Efficiency

To help make my time in the kitchen as efficient and easy as possible – I keep things where I’ll use them, put them into containers that are easy to use, and label everything in ways that I can easily choose what I need. My tea collection – like many who like variety in our […]

Organizing for Quick Meals

To help me stay on plan – I need things quick and easy.  So here is what I keep on hand – prepped and ready for quickly throwing together into a meal or snack. I find it easier to choose my veggies when they are ready to go–so I prep them ahead of time (or […]

Homemade Ginger Juice

Every day I drink at least one GGMS (Good Girl Moonshine) and one of the consistent ingredients in mine is homemade ginger juice.  I also enjoy using it as an ingredient in smoothies for some spicy heat and in chinese dishes–it’s great in “Egg Roll in a Bowl”. Here is how I make mine: I […]

Measurements – A simple chart for you

Weight and clothes sizes are just numbers that the longer you do this the more you realize they don’t “mean” that you are getting bigger or smaller.  The best way to know if you are shrinking is to take measurements. To help with that–I am including my measurements chart that I use.  It’s simple with […]

NSVs – My Non-Scale Victories

Honestly – the scale for me has been stalled more often and for longer than it has been moving downward. My weight loss comes in spurts–and so I have focused on my NSVs to help me to stay on plan during times when weight loss is NOT happily happening. The easiest NSV for me has […]

Water – How much is enough?

How much water should you be drinking daily? The easiest answer is to drink enough so that your urine is clear to a very light yellow.  The darker the yellow, the more water you need to be drinking. So – how much water do you need to drink?  That will be different for everyone – […]

Healthy Habit Hints – Daily Do List

Developing My Daily Do-list – the Power of Healthy Habits Here’s what has worked for me and I think they’ll work for you too. Hints for Healthy Habits Choose just 1 or 2 behaviors to start with–at least one should be ‘easy’ so that you remind yourself that you can succeed in choosing health. Identify […]

Losing over 100 lbs from high of 330+

My highest weight was somewhere over 330 lbs—apparently that was my “can’t know if I’m more than this” threshold.  At that point all of my clothes were stretchy and quite stretched-a tight 4x (and yes–I did have a few 5x in my closet). I started gaining weight when I was about 7 or so–and steadily […]