Kitchen Tools of THM

Tools of THM

Especially at the beginning, when you are getting used to what foods go together and figuring out good choices at the places you normally go to for food, you’ll find you spend a LOT of time in the kitchen with THM.  Here are a few ideas that I have incorporated to make that time more efficient, easier (less dishes to wash), and better for anyone involved.


Measuring cups/spoons—I went to a thrift store when I started and got extra ½ tsp, 1 tsp,  1 Tbl, 2 Tbl, ½ C and 1 C  (the ones I use most often) and I actually put them into the containers that I use every day (sweetener, lecithin, cocoa, collagen, baking blend, etc.)  that way I don’t have to wash those spoons/cups whenever I am making something.

Silicone sheets – I use a TON of these—when I’m baking something or when I’m freezing something.  I found them very hard to deal with in my pan cupboard –

so recently came up with this idea—I attached this cooling rack under a shelf in my kitchen and I roll up my silicone sheets – they are now easy to grab – and easy to see so I am reminded to use them instead of parchment or aluminum foil.

Silicone muffin cups – I have 2 sizes of these and LOVE them—I found mine cheapest through Amazon.  I like to have muffins ready to grab for breakfast – or crustless quiches for breakfast or lunch.  I like that I can it 24 on a cookie sheet (mine are firm enough that I don’t need to put them inside of muffin tins—they stand on their own).  They can be a bit of a pain to clean—when making something sticky—but since I don’t have to use any additional fat with them – they are worth that to me. 

Blender – I use mine every day.  When I started THM I had a Ninja – after about a month of trying the shakes—I really didn’t like how my Ninja left things a little chunky.  So I saved up and watched for a refurbed Blendtec on their website—best thing I did!!  I LOVE my Blendtec—it makes adding okra to smoothies a non-issue—no sliminess, no chunks or even hints of skin or strings of anything that I blend.

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