Collagen – Why and How

Collagen – until THM, I had never thought to add Collagen to my foods–but now that I have tried it – it is always in my cupboard and I add it too shakes, herbal teas, or other treats almost daily.

So first – Why I use it…

One google search and you’ll find references to improving hair/skin/nails, joint health, digestive support, and protein support.  That’s a lot to ask from a simple powder–but from my experience it has not disappointed.

I have had digestive issues since I was in my teens (acid reflux, irritable bowel, etc.) and since stating THM–those have disappeared – not sure if Collagen plays a part in that or not.  So looking at the most visual of that benefits list–hair/skin/nails–those have DEFINITELY improved.

As a 53 yr old woman–my hair was starting to thin–not quite to the point of bald spots yet – and I had read that this was one of the signs of menopause–so I at least had a reason for it.  (some folks who lose large amounts of weight quickly will lose hair as part of that).  I had stopped dying my hair a few years ago–and my grey was becoming more pronounced.  After a couple of months of taking Collagen daily–I noticed that my hair wasn’t getting thinner anymore – and I was finding little new hairs growing in.

My nails – I used to be able to bend them – especially when they were wet.  They would split and break fairly easily as well–so I had to use the really strong nail polish if I wanted them to grow at all.  It took almost 6 months before I had changes in my nails–probably because the nails had to grow out–but I no longer have to wear polish to help protect them–and they don’t bend or break–I now actually have to trim them or they get too long for me to type on the keyboard.

At my heavy weight I used to have a fair amount of knee and ankle pain–those are a distant memory.   This is where my husband has found the most benefits–he does really well with his knee pains when he is taking Collagen daily and including Tumeric as well.  So – I always try to have some superfood chews for him in the fridge to make it easy for him–and I add Collagen to our (almost nightly) smoothies/shakes.

Collagen – How I get it in daily

I start most days with an herbal tea (rooibos and something else) – I put a scoop of Collagen into the cup before I pour in the hot water – the brand that I use, Custom Collagen, melts away with very little stirring and I get no lumps – I put in my tea bags and am good to go.

In the evening I add 1-2 scoops (if the shake is for me and my hubby – I do 2) to the blender and I haven’t noticed any change in flavor or texture from this–but he can tell when I don’t add it – as he has more pain in his knees.

Collagen – my recommendation

I live in a rural area–so when I wanted to try out adding Collagen to my day – I searched Amazon.  I found Custom Collagen–and bought the 2 lb container.  It was one of the less expensive options–and I appreciated that it was made in the USA and is a family owned business.  I tried it–and haven’t looked back. The container lasted me about 4-6 weeks.   I purchased 3 times from Amazon – the 2 lb tub–and then found that since I was going to continue to use it–I might as well explore options–so I found their website and I could save a few dollars when I purchased the 5 lb box directly from them–so that is what I have done twice now.

If you want to try them – here are affiliate links for their fabulous product!  It has 10 gms protein per scoop.  This Collagen is not to be used with recipes you want to ‘jell’ – but they also have a gelatin available–if you want to try that too.

Purchase directly from Custom Collagen (affiliate link)

Purchase 2 lb jar from Amazon (affiliate link)

Purchase 5 lb box from Amazon (affiliate link)

Purchase Gelatin from Amazon (affiliate link)







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