Weight and clothes sizes are just numbers that the longer you do this the more you realize they don’t “mean” that you are getting bigger or smaller.  The best way to know if you are shrinking is to take measurements.

To help with that–I am including my measurements chart that I use.  It’s simple with no frills–so you can print it on whatever color paper and add whatever embellishments you want that will make you happy (I LOVE using stickers).

I created it half-page size so that I use it in my little weight loss notebook which is half sized–but I put 2 on the page so you can also use it in a full sized notebook if that works better with how you keep track of things.

Here is what I measure –

Neck – thickest part of my neck (where my triple chins used to be)

Chest – right under my arms – which is above my bust

Bust – the biggest part of my bust

Waist – the smallest part of my abdomen

Abdmn – the biggest part of my abdomen–usually around by my belly button

Hips – the biggest part that includes the lower part of my abdomen and my behind

Leg – the biggest part of my left thigh

Calf – the biggest part of my left calf

Arm – the biggest part of my arm – I let the ‘bat wing’ hang down and measure where it’s the biggest

Wrist – right over the bony part of my wrist

Measurements – Half Page

Measurements – Full Page

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