Every day I drink at least one GGMS (Good Girl Moonshine) and one of the consistent ingredients in mine is homemade ginger juice.  I also enjoy using it as an ingredient in smoothies for some spicy heat and in chinese dishes–it’s great in “Egg Roll in a Bowl”.

Here is how I make mine:

I begin with about a ‘hand-sized’ chunk of ginger.  I look for a root that is even in color, no soft spots – and I prefer one that doesn’t have a lot of little ‘arms’ coming off of it (easier to clean).

Using a soft bristle brush – I wash it – getting as much of the dirt and easily removable bits of ‘skin’ that I can–cutting off any bad spots (or those that are too hard to clean).

I don’t remove the rest of the skin as you can see here.  I then put it into my blender with about 28 oz of filtered water–so the line with the root in it is a bit over the 32 oz mark.

I blend it on ‘whole juice’ mode and then let it sit for a few minutes–if it looks still a bit chunky (like in this picture) I blend it again, same mode.

I pour it into a cloth lined strainer that sits on top of a bowl in the sink.

As you can see – I use plain ‘flour sack’ white towels–they are great for straining!  (Wal-Mart has a package of 5–usually on the bottom shelf)

Then I carefully gather up the cloth and squeeze every last drop of that golden goodness into the bowl.  Sometimes the smell is a bit overpowering and you want to be sure to wash your hands well before touching your eyes (don’t ask–it wasn’t a happy few moments).

After I dropped a glass bottle while shaking it, I now reuse one of my plastic bottles from ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar–another ingredient in the GGMS)–it is 32 oz and fits perfectly into a shelf of my fridge door.

I love the bright yellow color of my ginger juice and usually go through this 32 oz in about 2-3 weeks depending on what else I use it for.

Please note that after a few minutes you’ll notice that a white powder starts to form at the bottom of your bottle.  It actually starts to form at the bottom of the bowl before I put it into my bottle.  Tasting it – it’s a very strong ginger ‘powder’ – and I figure that it is just letting me know that my juice is as concentrated as it’s going to get.  I just shake it up each time before using it and it doesn’t bother me–just thought you’d want to know in case yours does the same thing.

Enjoy!!  Please share below any other ways you incorporate this lovely liquid into your recipes–thanks!!

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