NSVs – My Non-Scale Victories

Honestly – the scale for me has been stalled more often and for longer than it has been moving downward. My weight loss comes in spurts–and so I have focused on my NSVs to help me to stay on plan during times when weight loss is NOT happily happening.

The easiest NSV for me has been my clothes getting looser and then wearing smaller sizes–even when I weighed the same for month after month.

I remember when I was just starting out someone posted on the main THM FB group asking some of those that had lost significant weight what some of their most favorite NSVs were. I remember looking at their list–and not even knowing some of those things were possible… The one that stays with me, even now, was washing dishes and not ending up with water on your stomach–that had NEVER happened to me–so that one took me completely by surprise that it was something that I could look forward to.  And it surprised me – the first time it happened–a few tears of joy did fall at my kitchen sink 🙂

So here I will add NSVs – and hope that others will do the same, in the comments below–building a list that we can all look to for inspiration and encouragement when the scale is not moving.

Traveling NSVs – first time since I can remember flying with the tray table down and not having to worry about putting the seatbelt on.  Isn’t it tremendous seeing that space between me and that tray – and it went down even with a pillow on my lap!!

One of my Disney traditions is to get a souvenir shirt–for years I had to get them from the men’s section as they didn’t have women’s sizes to fit me.  During my last trip to DisneyWorld, I got a goal shirt in a men’s XL (single X!!) to wear on my next trip–and when I got to the hotel that night tried it on–and it FIT!  I wore it the next day 🙂  So – then, of course, had to get another goal shirt – and got this cute one in a women’s XL at a little shop at Animal Kingdom that I NEVER thought I’d be able to buy any of their clothes–and I’ll get to wear it on my next trip to DWorld.

During that same trip I experienced TONS of NSVs – sitting in the seats and not spilling over into the one next to me. Getting to catch air on when riding the coasters–I’ve always ‘stuck’ into the seats before–wow – what a rush that was!!  There were 4 of us and when we came up to get seated on the boat at Pirates the cast member looked at us and said – Row 1–and this one almost makes me cry–it wasn’t Row 1 AND 2 (like it always has been for me in a group of more than 3) – she thought we could all fit in Row 1 – well – in my head I was thinking – oh this is going to be tight and everyone is going to be uncomfortable because of me… WE FIT!!!  COMFORTABLY!!!

And then there was when we were at Discovery Cove–getting our wetsuits or vests–and when I went to get a vest – standing there in my bathing suit–she looked at me and gave me an XL and it fit very comfortably – even a little loose as you can see.

Recently I went to a conference for work–they bring all of us homeshored associates into the main office once a year–many of these folks I only see once a year–and I can’t express how joyful it was to see their reactions to me and the changes I have made–that week filled my bucket like no other has in a while.  One of my biggest NSVs for that week – I was quite nervous about wearing leggings (I never had worn them in public) but I was courageous and had so many compliments that day–it was marvelous!!  I went out that week (while in the ‘big city’) and bought 3 other pairs that I now wear often.

LOST A SHOE SIZE!!!  I have had a size 12 to 12+ shoe size since I was around 20 yrs old–I now can comfortably fit into a size 11 in most shoes 🙂

Being a lower weight than the weight listed on my Driver’s License 🙂  SO FUN!!!

Painting my toenails – I don’t do it often–but now I CAN – all by myself!!

I can wrap regular towels from hotels around me when I get out of the shower.

What are ones you’ve already experienced?  What are you most looking forward to?

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