Reuse Repurpose – Vernal Prep Expo Presentation

ReUse & Repurpose – My presentation for the Vernal Preparedness Expo January 2017 & 2018.  I’m including my slides and links below–will break many of these into their own pages and shorten the links here–but wanted to at least get these here now. – includes a pattern

Also searched images for Rocket Stove #10 can

Can also use old shortening—put into a metal can and burn it for light or heat

Tuna can – either with corrugated cardboard and then paraffin or sawdust and paraffin – BEST resource out there for DIY solar and alternative energy projects! – using a fresnel lens to solar distil water – REALLY good video about fresnel lens use

Wonderbags – lots of plans online

WAPI – water purification indicators 2 bottles and pvc pipe – the blue barrel hydroponics project– half barrels garden– 5 gallon bucket hydroponics– good section about PETE for longer term storage – good comments for this webpage also

Egg carton – firestarter – filled with mix of shredded paper, sawdust and then a bit of wax or vaseline to make it stick together– good list but had an add that just kept going

Search for repurpose altoid tins preparedness

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