Beginner’s Basics for THM

For over a year I’ve had a closed group on FB where I put ideas, collect recipes I want to try, etc. as I see ideas in the THM FB groups.  My pinned post in that group is what I’ll put here–it is the resources that I point my friends to when they ask how I’ve lost the weight and basic info about THM.  Enjoy!

Liking the philosophy–focusing on health and the rest (weight loss) will follow. LOVE not counting calories – just being aware of limiting fats for E meals and limiting the carbs for the S meals–also not currently needing to write down everything I eat–loving that freedom too.

The short intro you tube video:

The 53 minute how this program came about–a presentation from May 2014 – recorded LIVE at MCC’s 2014 “Women of Valor” event:…

Gwen’s Nest – help as you work through the book –

This one helped me make sense of it when I started:


Be in facebook for these links:

Trim Healthy Mama Manifesto –

I really enjoyed this woman’s post in the big FB group–explained things really well in a nice simple way:


Basically – I begin all my meals/snacks with my protein–if I know it’s going to be a fatty protein (or that other parts of my meal are fatty) then I choose other foods that will work with that (non-starchy veggies, other fats, no grains).  If my protein is low fat – or I’m wanting something like a grain (I am VERY MUCH a bread girl–LOVE bread) then I choose other foods that work in an E meal (non starchy veggies, fruits, grains, legumes).  And if I’m just hungry and need something quick – I try to make most of my snacks ‘FP’ which is neither too fatty or carby.

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