Welcome to my webpage–SmylySolutions.com!  I hope that you find information and ideas that help you to better your life and the world around you–those are my main goals for this site.  So here is a bit about me and the solutions I offer (or will as I get this new site loaded):

How I’ve lost over 100 lbs so far–inclusion of good things, ‘food freedom’, THM (Trim Healthy Mama – a free plan with great ideas and a fabulous support system) and other tips/tricks I’ve discovered on this journey.

Emergency preparedness – I am cheap and love to repurpose and reuse items to help us reach our goals of being ready for whatever life throws at us.  Ready for ourselves and ready to help others.

Positivity – I love happy thoughts and have collected inspiring quotes since I was 16 years old–I will share many here and hope that they can help you be inspired to conquer whatever mountains are in your path.

Making a difference in your world–that is my life motto–so I’m sure you’ll find lots of ideas throughout these pages to make your world a better place.

I love my life and have always enjoyed serving others, focusing on being a positive influence, and helping others to achieve their goals—something I learned while serving years ago as a missionary in Bolivia.  I love variety and have enjoyed exploring different career paths—all of which utilized my love of training, crafting words, product development, and leadership.

I live a relatively quiet life in northeastern Utah—fulfilling our dreams of owning a bit of land, surrounded by farms, ranches, and like-minded, self-reliant people.  My interests include a LOVE for all things Disney, musicals, preparedness, and knowing at least a little bit about everything that I can.  With the ongoing successful weight loss journey, I have discovered that I enjoy creating sugar-free treats and meals filled with as many  healthy ingredients as I can pack into them—and, of course, sharing my ideas and positive nature with others on the same path.