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Make a difference with each decision
One of my main goals, my driving force, is to make a difference–to leave each situation, person, place, or thing better when I leave than how it was when I arrived.

What we focus on in life GROWS.  Most diets focus on what you CAN’T have–this, of course, makes those things important in your mind and they grow in your thoughts and, at least for me, makes you want them all the more.

That is one thing that I LOVE about THM–the focus is on what you CAN and should have–focus on filling your life with healthy choices, filling your meals with healing superfoods – and the rest will follow.

Applying this simple question – a guiding ‘affirmation’ – “How can I improve this x?” will make all the difference.  You will find yourself focusing on improving each thing you decide about each day.

How can I improve this meal?  What superfood or non-starchy veggie can I add?

How can I improve this free time (or waiting time) in my schedule?  What activity does my body or spirit need right now?

How can I improve this relationship?  What positive thought or loving action can I do right now?

Try it – it will make a difference in your day as you focus on what you can INCLUDE!

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