Before pics I wish I had taken

If you are like I was–I really didn’t believe that I would ever find a plan that I could follow for longer than a few months, let alone one that would work long term for me. I also had avoided taking pictures of myself–so now I find that there are quite a few that I really wish that I had taken when I was at my largest so that I could have real evidence of the progress that I’ve made.  So here is a list of the “before” pics that I wish I had taken–some may seem silly – but believe me – those comparison of before and during and (eventually) after pics really can help keep one motivated.

So – here’s my list of pics that I wish I had taken:

My face – full on and from the side – showing my multiple chins

My full body – front, back, and side – in tight enough clothes to clearly see all the bumps

How much of my legs my belly used to cover  (it was over half when I was seated)
How close to the steering wheel my belly used to be

From behind – how much of the seat (and surrounding area) I used to take up in the chairs at the church (you’ll need help with this one)

When flying having to use the seatbelt extender – at full length

When flying – not being able to put the tray table down

Other comparison ‘tools’ I wish I had –

I wish I had saved one of my biggest pair of pants and biggest dresses
I wish I had taken measurements at my biggest size

So – don’t be like me–go get your smartphone or camera, someone you trust, and get your before pics – or even your ‘where you are now’ pics if you’ve already started–it’s never too late to document this momentous journey–it will be your last time in these heavier weights!

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